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What Kutteri? 

Kutteri is a Helsinki-based production house. We are locally owned and operated. We do streaming services, webinars, podcasts and corporate videos. We work mainly in Helsinki area but when need arises, throughout Southern Finland.

We serve you in Finnish, English, Swedish or French.

SOSTE:n seminaarissa Rosa Meriläinen juontaa omaa segmenttiään


We do them. Podcasts require a good amount of pre planning. What do you want to say? Who will be the audience? How will you get your message through?

After we’ve sorted the planning out, we record. We can do this in Kutteri’s studio, in client’s premises or somewhere else. You propose, we see if we can make it work.  We will help and direct the recording sessions.

After recording, we edit. We edit it. We trim recorded audio, cut where needed, we do the audio woodoo. 

Then it’s time to publish. We set up the distribution channel, make mp3’s of your recordings and you’re on air. 

SOSTE:n seminaarissa Rosa Meriläinen juontaa omaa segmenttiään
SOSTE:n seminaarissa Rosa Meriläinen juontaa omaa segmenttiään

 Streaming and webinars

This is the bread and butter of our operations. We have a lot of NGO’s and public organizations in our clients, so we aim to an affordable service. 

Streaming a webinar starts with good planning. Who will watch it, where it will be streamed to? Will the audience participate or just listen? We have a variety of software and licences to accomodate clients’ needs. 

Remote quests are a regular ask and pose no trouble. Or do you want a completely remote webinar with client interaction? No problem. Our software and skills can bend over backwards to create a techincal solution for creative needs. 

We mostly use robotic cameras and vMix software, during the actual process we will usually be out of sight. 

Ask for a price quote. We can usually give one out within a day and it never hurts to ask. 

Finnish Coeliac Association's webinar

Finnish Coeliac Association made studia generalia lecture about coeliac disease. Lecturers were at Tampere, the transmission was directed from Helsinki.

Youth news

Child welfare associations launched their annual survey by doing a news cast. Kutteri produced it. The set is completely virtual, everything is created with computer.

Get Funded

Get Funded was a seminar about funding for start-ups by Play Finland, an association for game start-ups. 

STTK Regional elections

Trade organization STTK had an panel discussion about upcoming regional elections.


Picture is worth a thousand words, and movie has a 25 pictures per second. It is usually faster to explain things in video than to write it out. 

From corporate videos to weddings and concerts – we do them. From scripting and planning to editing and colour grading. 

We use Black Magic products for our video work.

Ask for a price quote. We can usually give one out within a day and it never hurts to ask.

Kutteri Office

We have nice and cozy offices in Eastern Helsinki. We are located at Linnanrakentajantie 6-8 C, a walking distance from Herttoniemi metro station. 


We have a studio for recording work, as well as facilities for video recordings. 

Call or text 050 4136134

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